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2019 New Year's  Angelic Message

2019 New Year's Angelic Message

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“Dearest Ones, we wish to share with you a few things about the upcoming year. Some of you reading this will not resonate with this information right away, but you will find it more resonant and very applicable around March.

Others of you will find this applicable right away for you have attuned yourself to certain possibilities coming that you have felt are on their way.

Part of this message is to confirm some of those possibilities that are coming that indeed the prosperity you've been hoping for or looking towards is coming- some it will come earlier in the year and for some later in the year.

The main point of this message is to let you know that many of you are ready for an enormous upgrade in your life that will set you apart from some people around you in your intimate circles- family, loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Please do not dismay, it is very important that you be honest with yourself and believe in these changes. If you seek to hold on to where you have been, even in the slightest, it will become very, very painful.

Because you have outgrown this place to be. It is like being a twenty year old and trying to fit into the clothes you wore as an eight-year-old. Please do not try to fit into the clothes of a child.

Allow things to fall away and keep digging into the greater clarity and sobriety within yourselves. The reason we use the word 'sobriety' because many of you are continuing to use outside substances to get you through the day, week, month, etc.

We wish to tell you, several of you, say that are doing this are ready for a change, to release these substances. You have used them as a placeholder until you were able to become more cognizant of how to fill in your own gaps.

For some of you, it is a body issue, paying attention to your body, being more present and really, truly attending to your body. It's time.

It might take the form of tending to your health and the emotional reasons for the habits regarding your health and the games you play with how you take care of yourself.

The reason we use the word 'games', is because sometimes games aren't taken seriously and we wish you to take this seriously.

For others, it is about being more physically active and engaging in the world through your physical body through sport, or play or things like yoga or dance. Physical activity that is expressive and engaging.

If you wish to go to the gym to lift weights, that is fine, whatever moves you, but we see more for you ways that interface with other people or environments that are more passionate.
Something that has been very much squelched, is passion.

When you suppress your passion, your joy is suppressed as well.
One feeds off the other.

**If you were expressing joy as an emphasis in your life, it would lead you to passion. Or if you were emphasizing passion, it would lead you into joy.

But because you are suppressing your passion, it comes out in attachments to things outside of yourself, like TV, alcohol, drugs or other substances that you cling to making jokes about you needing them.
But you do not need them.

But again, you are ready to give up those 'placeholders' that have filled those spaces.

It will not be as hard as you think. Please trust yourself and ask for divine help. We are always here to assist you and help you grow into a greater place of magic and magnitude within your true self.

Thank you for allowing us to send this message today.
We bless and honor you. Thank you for all that you are."

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