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Angelic Forecast for February

This is the February 2019 forecast for all of you specific to this newsletter.

Dearest ones, we are mentioning a few different things in the month of February that will be helpful for all of you to understand and to keep in mind.

February 5th- known as the Chinese new year is an important day of shifting into the actual new year the Cosmic New Year.

Typically the Cosmos renews itself at this time of year.

This is the year of the PIG. If you wish to understand more about the qualities of being in the year of the PIG you may look it up on the internet.

In the meantime, we will share a few different messages with certain themes for February.

There is something bubbling in the ethers that will be showing up at the end of February. Some of you may feel it earlier, others later in the month.

This has to do with your solar plexus region where the organs of the stomach, spleen, gallbladder and the liver reside. We are speaking about the organs of detoxification and digestion in this region of the body.

In this region, there will be many flare-ups.

Many of you may experience different digestive ills or difficulties; some may discover new issues or reoccurrence of old issues, some may decide to detox these organs or decide to deal with them differently resorting to acupuncture, different remedies may come to mind to assist them.

The reason these organs in the solar plexus region are being mentioned has to do with proactivity or action nature. In all parts of the body, there is proactivity and receptivity but we are focusing on the proactivity aspect for now.

This is also where nourishment is converted.

What you take in from life your life experiences, what you understand or don’t understand, or what is from the past that is still waiting to be digested-remain in these areas as shadows of memory.

These memories that aren’t fully digested, assimilated or metabolized, cast a shadow over your understanding or create unclarity on how to take action or how to deal with certain things in your life.

Some issues may be more emotional, which isn’t separate from this but that may be where you recognize the flare-ups or discharge of emotion.

In this region, there are different emotions associated with the organs.

Some have to do with worry, anger, rage, disgust or repulsion, or a certain level of judgment or rejection, and there’s neediness as well.

There are a lot more but these are just some of them we wanted to touch upon with those organs.

If you don’t feel any physical or emotional discomfort, you may experience it mentally converting into ideas and action you need to take that is inspired by your childhood or things you’ve been waiting to do that will slowly start to surface into understanding.

This action is just the beginning. You won’t necessarily complete these projects within the month of February but this region is where the ideas and inspirations will come from. And they will come out of insights about dissolving certain events from your past and gaining the insights that have been waiting for you.

It’s as if certain experiences you had in the past that you fully didn’t comprehend or digest are gifts waiting to be claimed. This waiting process will come to completion where you will start to extract the insights from those past experiences and convert them and metabolize them into energy, into clarity, into action, into understanding, etc.

Also, there are certain issues around motherhood. Not in the classic or cultural way or the way that humans relate to motherhood. This is something more about taking care of and mothering yourself in ways you haven’t.


Again, it goes along with the nourishment and the converting into extraneous action that extends into the world. Ways you need to mother yourself in order to do this.

Just know that there will be times that you would wish to ignore something because you don’t know what to do with it. We say instead of turning your back on it and putting it aside, we are going to prod you to deal with it differently.

Look it in the face, look it in the eyes with the sense that you don’t know which is a form of humility. This humility will open up the doorway and the pathways within your being and consciousness to allow you to understand what you haven’t understood - that has previously been beyond your reach but that isn’t beyond your reach now.

You can access the understanding you need in order to make this available.

We say, keep staring it in the face with an open heart knowing that it’s not about knowing but it’s about receiving the insights through not knowing because you’ve made yourself available much like a cauldron or a bowl where you receive things dropped into it and then they get digested or processed that way.

We will say more in the coming months but at this time this will be something we will leave you with. As a prayer or an image, when you are faced with something you don’t understand when you don’t fully comprehend what “it” is, take the route of ‘I don’t know’.

It makes the mystery more palatable and that mystery or that unknown begins to reveal itself. That black upon black begins to become grayer and grayer, lighter and lighter until you are able to see.

That comes from the receptivity and sticking with that receptivity that your mind cannot hold. It doesn’t come from the mind, it actually comes from the body, the heart and the sense of safety that you’re choosing as a part of your reality to maintain in the face of the unknown.

So imagine yourself as that great receptive basin and you receive this mystery into yourself as a being and those organs we just spoke about of conversion converting, digesting, metabolizing, purging, cleansing all of that region in your body is like that basin.

It will help you to actually receive and slowly, unconsciously convert the mystery into knowledge, wisdom, insight, and understanding so you can take action.

Thank you for hearing us today. We are greatly pleasured by being able to offer you this message. Go in peace and wellness.

And we love with you with all our hearts.”

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