You want more. Badly.

There’s got to be more to life than this.

You’re right. There is.

You’ve done Tarot cards, astrology readings, Reiki, numerology forecasts, the Law of Attraction, Ho’oponopono, yoga, Buddhism, life coaches, worked on gutting your subconscious for limiting belief systems, EFT, therapy, watched Oprah and everything else under the sun.

You meditate, say affirmations, and receive inspiring quotes by Rumi in your inbox.

You love animals; your cat is your soulmate and you dream about communicating with her in words, not just in purrs and snuggles.

You worry about the Earth and feel powerless against the plague of plastic bags populating the ocean.

You meditate yet your mind still manipulates your feelings and convinces you of improbable catastrophes waiting to happen.

(You secretly love Harry Potter, believe in fairies, fantasize about talking to trees and hearing angels say your name.)

But magic isn’t in books, traditions, politics or in some app… It’s in you.

I’m Tallulah, artist, mystic, and whimsical genius who specializes in working with art, angels, and nature to help you live an inspired life of magic, mastery and miracles.

I offer you direct connections with the divine to experience greater depth, abundance, sacredness, beauty and joy.

Helping you experience the magic within so you can see the magic without, creating your own Heaven on Earth.

Through sacred music, communicating with the divine, I guide you in clearing the conditioning that obscures your vision to experiencing the magic within.