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You want more. Badly.

There’s got to be more to life than this.

You’re right. There is.

You’ve done Tarot cards, astrology readings, Reiki, numerology forecasts, the Law of Attraction, Ho’oponopono, yoga, Buddhism, life coaches, worked on gutting your subconscious for limiting belief systems, EFT, therapy, watched Oprah and everything else under the sun.

You meditate, say affirmations, and receive inspiring quotes by Rumi in your inbox.

You love animals; your cat is your soulmate and you dream about communicating with her in words, not just in purrs and snuggles.

You worry about the Earth and feel powerless against the plague of plastic bags populating the ocean.

You meditate yet your mind still manipulates your feelings and convinces you of improbable catastrophes waiting to happen.

(You secretly love Harry Potter, believe in fairies, fantasize about talking to trees and hearing angels say your name.)

But magic isn’t in books, traditions, politics or in some app… It’s in you.

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I’m Tallulah, artist, mystic, and whimsical genius who specializes in working with art, angels, and nature to help you live an inspired life of magic.

A little about my path.

When I was about 8 years old, I encountered my first spirit-my initiation into the world of non-physical life whereupon my mother became my first spiritual teacher. 

You can read that story here.

At 19, I completed my first traditional Lakota vision quest and proceeded to complete 3 more by the time I was 25.

For many years, I participated in traditional Lakota ceremonies like the sweat lodge, Yuwipi and later the Sundance ceremony.

Since 1992, I’ve been developing my empathic and telepathic abilities, cultivating mastery in service to all life.

In 2005, I found the seer and mystic Almine. In her and her teachings, I found my home. 

My challenges

At 26, I moved from Portland, Oregon to Seattle, Washington. Immediately, I felt like I fell off a cliff into a cave filled with grief, unrelenting doubt and despair.

I couldn’t stop crying for 4 years.

Struggling to find my place in the world after giving up my dreams of being a dancer and actress; losing myself to unresolved childhood and past life pain, chronic health issues since I was 19, and fierce self-criticism, securing employment and financial stability seemed impossible.

Over the last 19 years as the world of selfies, social media and full disclosure took over American culture, I felt more and more invisible as I steeped myself in the soul realm and what the seer Almine calls the Hidden Realms - the home of fairies, pegasus, dragons and unicorns.

I could talk to spirits but couldn’t maintain a job. Seeing giants in my hallway became a thing yet sustaining a place to live eluded me.

This was my alchemical cauldron, but during this period I seriously thought I wouldn’t make it through.

Yet rigorously confronting and demystifying my darkness led me to become an accomplished energy and sound healer and metaphysical coach.

Driven to heal myself, I honed the necessary skills to help others see the perfection behind their pain gaining power, peace and light from their own darkness.

Living artfully.

After working with humans for over 15 years, my passion for animals took over. I began to transfer my healing and communication services to helping improve the perception and lives of animals on the planet.

Communication with nature requires innocence, stillness of the mind and an open heart: the practice of ahimsa, a Sanskrit word referring to showing respect for all living things and living a non-violent way of life.

Returning to my dream of being a professional performer, I'm now synthesizing my spiritual experience with my passion for dance, vocal music and writing.

Dancing, creating digital music, storytelling, animal communication and connecting with the natural world is what I’m inspired by these days.

Click on the photos to see what moves me.

Magic is the shrinking of the gap between cause and effect through heightened perception.

What is magic?

The Seer and Mystic Almine defines ‘magic’ as seeing the perfection behind the appearances of life.

Peeling back the appearances like a skin to decode the symbols embedded within your physical reality.

Underneath lies bright bits if truth, wisdom, gifts and blessings.

All of life is speaking to you but you aren’t hearing it.

Practicing magic is an internal art of perception and awareness. As you gain more perception, you gain more power.

Personal power allows you to overcome the illusion of self-imposed limitations through belief systems.

It’s all about clearing the hidden storehouse of conditioning you think is so natural- so you.

Conditioning is the antithesis of innocence.

Conditioning is like the build up of dead bugs, bird poop, dirt, and pollutants that coat your windshield as you drive through life except you become you used to the grime you don’t even see it.

The key to magic is your innocence.

My work directly bridges you with the realms of innocence: fairies, angels, giants, dragons and yes, unicorns- the unexpressed parts of yourself holding the keys to magic.

Magic + Mastery = Miracles


How to connect with Angels

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