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Horse Magic

Horse Magic


I had my first experience of horse magic on a trip to Ireland.

Many years before I became an animal communicator, I had wanted to be an actress. I was obsessed with English actors. I dreamed of studying acting in London with the best.

I planned a trip to England but felt a lingering compulsion mixed with fear to go to Ireland. I didn’t know why the thought frightened me.

My plan was to purchase a one-way ticket to London, live illegally for as long as possible, get a job and eventually get into acting school.

Who was I meeting in England to help me acquaint myself with the theater schools in London?

Not a soul.

How much research did I do about living in London? About a thimbleful.

How much money did I allot for this adventure?

After converting US dollars in pound sterling: 585.00

Credit Cards? Nope.

Savings? Nada.

Was I crazy? Um… yeah, pretty much.

After three days in London, a comet-sized realization hit me: I wasn’t supposed to be there.

Where was I supposed to be?

In a panic, I emailed several intuitive friends frantically asking them where they felt I was should to be.

A few said Ireland. That made my stomach clench.

The only person I made friends with while in London was an American woman who just arrived to begin her master’s program in physical theater.

She too looked at me one day and said,” I feel like you’re supposed to be in Ireland.”

That was a terrifying thought. But why?

After ten days in London, I found a man on online who owned an employment agency for non-Irish workers and told me he could get me a job and accommodation when I arrived.

He told me there was also a young Italian man named Franco taking the ferry over to meet him as well. He recommended I make friends with him on the journey.

I hopped a train from Paddington Station traveling to Wales. From Wales I caught a ferry going to a tiny town in the southeast tip of Ireland called Enniscorthy.

I did make friends with that young Italian man who shortly after became my lover.

Upon arrival in Ireland, Franco and I were greeted by the man I met online. Instantly, I had the terrible feeling again.

What was it about Ireland?

It turned out the man with the “employment agency” was a scammer.

Yeah, well, no surprise there.

Franco and I stayed the night at the man’s house. Franco felt the same discomfort as I did, reassuring me he would take me with him wherever he went because we knew this guy was sketchy.

After realizing how dodgy this guy really was, shock set in.

He wasn’t going to find me a job or a place to live. He wasn’t trustworthy at all. Now I know why I was scared to come to Ireland.

Paralyzed by fear, I couldn’t intuit any action or direction to take. I was numb. A walking zombie.

I had nowhere to go. No one to call for help.

I had $20 pounds to my name.

I ended up doing what I always do when I feel utterly distraught.

Take long walks.

One day Franco and I walked through a field alongside a small river flowing through town.

All I could do was ramble on about how humiliated I felt and how perplexed I was by my situation.

Several yards away, a small herd of horses was grazing. I never expected them to take an interest in us. Clearly, I didn’t know squat about horses.

The herd noticed us and made their way over.

I fantasized about connecting with horses in the past, but I absolutely had zilch experience with them.

Franco grew up with horses and was very comfortable with them.

But they weren’t interested in him.

The alpha male approached me. He cordoned me off in a circle surrounded by the other horses.

He poked his nose in my face, sniffed at my neck repeatedly and wouldn’t leave me alone. None of the other horses approached me.

His interest in me made me nervous since I didn’t speak horse.

What did he want?

Was the horse protecting of me? Protecting the rest of the herd?

Did he want food? Was he just a busybody wanting to know who was in his field?

Up to that point, nothing had helped me pierce my emotional paralysis.

But immediately after that brief visit with the horses, I had an epiphany.

The epiphany shattered my state of shock.

Whatever the horse did, provided me with a foothold to climb out of my dark hole and begin the process of figuring out what to do.

Horses have been described as “emotional geniuses.”

They are said to be masters of living in the present moment.

Their incredible capacity for subtle energy transference and empathy is why they are relied on so much for therapeutic purposes.

What did the horse do?

He forced me be present.

Being present was the one thing I failed do but also was the one thing I needed most.

You can’t problem solve if you aren’t present.

The alpha male penetrated my fractured state, reconnecting me to my intuition and personal power.

I was no longer a victim.

I took action. Reached out to friends online. Tuned into my spiritual guidance and strategized. Within the week, Franco found both himself and I a job and places to live.

It was total horse magic.

Not a Disney Princess

Not a Disney Princess