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Leafy Green Prophets

Leafy Green Prophets


I never expected to receive a premonition for my sister from a blackberry vine.

One glorious summer afternoon, I sat down next to a blackberry vine bursting with fruit.

I was feeling love and appreciation for it and remembering how grateful I was to the blackberry plant for feeding me years ago when I lived in Ashland, Oregon.

At the time, I was struggling to earn enough money to feed myself and like a miracle I stumbled upon the prolific bounty of its juicy gems.

I thanked it for its generosity.

Immediately, warmth and kindness flowed from the vine.

I heard a gentle voice tell me my sister may have a delay with her New Zealand visa. My sister was currently in the process of moving from Seattle, Washington, to New Zealand.

She had yet to procure a visa or a job in New Zealand, so the information was invaluable. She was taking the plunge blind and alone.

My sister wasn’t to worry the vine said; the detour was temporary and a necessary part of her manifesting her life in New Zealand.

How would a plant such as the blackberry know my sister’s future?

How does this happen?

The ‘how’ is this:

All of nature (I include babies before the age of three in this), perceives, communicates and transmits through the energetic fields surrounding your body.

They “read” you and respond.

Why would a tiny falcon named Jack at the Audubon Society tell me, unsolicited, the friend I was with would eventually meet a man?

(She had been single for many years, desired a partner but harbored strong doubts of meeting someone.)

And why shout that I was trying too hard in relation to my animal communication work?

Why would a raccoon in my yard that I approached one evening tell me where I was living wasn’t really my home and that I would be moving soon?

Or how Aristophanes, a bored raven I met, said he could help me with my dreams but he was retired from that work. Retired? Was he some kind of Jungian therapist in the past?

I wondered why so many animals and insects offered me insight into my issues when I didn’t ask.

I asked an angel why they did this.

I was told there are a few reasons:

  • Being a new interspecies communicator, it was one way wildlife was creating intimacy with me in building relationships with them.
  • They were responding at a level I was ready for.
  • Eventually, I would become more of an ambassador for nature, later interviewing different forms of life as well as documenting their teachings for humanity.
  • Nature is innately generous. Endlessly abundant and giving.

That made sense.

Nature sees my intention to partner with them.

I am dedicated to raising the consciousness of humanity and helping the Earth heal.

My service is to make this world better for them. And they know it.

I constantly work on keeping an open heart to the kingdoms of nature.

All creatures have their own cultures, perceptions, magic and spiritual path. The wisdom of their species and their own individual experience.

According to the Seer Almine, any form of life is eligible to reach the realms of Godhood or Ascended mastery. Trees, birds, you name it.

This is why I do what I do.

To connect with all life on Earth in Oneness: building intimate relationships with numerous species of life.

One plant at a time.

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