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Beautiful Architect

Beautiful Architect

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I never know what to expect when I talk to an animal, or in this case a spider.

I came across a large spider in the process of building a web stretched across a recycling bin and the bush above it.

I needed to dump the recycling so I gently lifted the lid and told the spider I would be careful not to disturb its web. I dumped the recycling and went on with my day.

The next day, I noticed the wind and rain had destroyed the web.
I thought how unfortunate, now the spider may need to go elsewhere to build its home. 

I was wrong.

The following day, I went to dump the garbage and the spider had already completely rebuilt its web in the exact same place. It was sitting in the center of this elaborately spun web with its sections evenly spaced and perfect. 

It was flawless.

Now I must tell you. I don’t always have a warm response when I reach out to connect to an animal or insect. Each being has their own life, perspective, likes, dislikes, positive and negative associations with humans.

Some animals disdain humanity while others welcome human connection. I’ve spoken to wild coyotes who were shocked as to why I, a human, would speak to them they way I did. 

Yet I’ve also had squirrels burn a hole in my head staring at me trying to get my attention.

So I never know what the response will be when I speak to someone new.

In this case, I was sincerely complimenting the spider on the incredible architecture of the web I heard the spider respectfully reply “ Well, I don’t need compliments but thank you. “

That was my first conversation with a spider. 

Since then, I’ve had spiders, flies, bees, ladybugs, moths, and other insects speak to me at different times for different reasons. Sometimes I initiate the conversation, sometimes they do like the squirrel I mentioned.

Wildlife can feel your feelings, attitudes and beliefs.

It is a great honor to have this rapport with wildlife. It requires presence, innocence and a heart connection to vibrate at the level nature does. 

Once you cultivate it with animals and insects, it can be applied to any part of the natural world. Trees, rocks, flowers, stars etc.

The connection deepens like any art you apply yourself to. Release your belief systems about what you think you can and cannot connect to, open your heart, let go of any agenda and listen.

You might be pleasantly surprised.

Midwifing Death

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