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Midwifing Death

Midwifing Death

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Ants are facilitators of change, even death.

Sure, it appears they come searching for water or sugar but that isn’t the whole story.

It was June. I just returned to Portland from living in Seattle for 9 months. 
I moved in with friends to a lush suburb of Portland. 

I was staying in the yoga studio in their home for a month.

Just prior, my friends purchased a raw piece of land with no house, no running water, or electricity in the Methow Valley in Eastern Washington.

Their house sold in one day.

With their two dogs, three cats, and three horses, they were finally moving to the country.

For my friends, manifesting this dream started two years ago.

My friends searched for a transportable home to place on their property. They managed to find a beautiful tiny house a few hours away.

The few local contractors in the Methow Valley weren’t available. My friends would have to wait for an undetermined amount of time for the electrical and running water to be installed.

Next, they needed to transport their three horses from Oregon to Washington in 90 degree weather more than eight hours away. And finally, build a barn for the horses before winter hit.

One cat was dying of cancer and another one struggled with health issues and old age.

The woman who purchased their house hired a contractor to assess the space next to the bathroom to see if it was adequate to install a shower. 

Two days before the contractor came, ants appeared in the small bathroom. 

I was curious why the ants showed up. There had been no sign of ants prior.

I told the ants to be careful around the sink because I didn’t want them to drown, and I would give them notice when I would run the water so they could clear the way.

I asked the ants why they were here in the bathroom.

They said, “ We come for death”. Death? Wait, what?
I didn’t understand.

They proceeded to remind me that they were builders but also informed me they helped facilitate transitions. 

According to Nature World News, “the neck joint of a common American field ant can withstand pressures up to 5,000 times greater than its own body weight.” 

Ants are inconceivably strong but how does this relate to death?

Death, whether metaphorical or literal, is a transition and it seemed they came to aid in that.

I shared the message from the ants with my friend, who is an animal lover. She was as amazed as I was to hear what the ants said. 

It turned out, the daughter was the one who purchased the house for her mother, who suffering from Alzheimer’s, would likely would die in that house. The yoga studio was being converted into a living space for the ill mother’s caretaker.

Whose death were they here for ?

Was it a metaphorical death of one way of life yielding to a new dream?

Or a literal death of a woman in her last days of life?

Does it matter? 

Death is death. Whether it’s metaphorical or literal, it’s transition, a gateway, to something else. Something more. 

The next time ants appear in your home, ask yourself,” Why are they here and why now? 

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