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Advice From a Cat

Advice From a Cat

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I once had a cat client that gave me advice on how to become rich. The cat, Maia, told me there was a man in San Diego who could make me rich.

Maia was a very confident cat. When we spoke, I found her to be easy going , a little insouciant and wise. She and I had spoken a few times before so I wasn’t surprised that Maia had a message for me.

At the end of a session, after Maia answered her person’s questions about her health, etc. She told me she had two things to share with me about myself.

The first thing she told me was I needed to take jazz dance classes. Let me backup for a moment.

When I was 7 years old, I fantasized about being a Solid Gold dancer. Jazz was the dance of my soul, complete with the shiny strappy heels, and gold lamé hot pants.

When I was 10 years old, I took my first jazz class. I absolutely loved it! The sequins, the fringe and Gloria Estafan’s Conga.

My instructor was incredibly supportive. She let me be my wild, dramatic, flamboyant self.

In my early 20’s, I danced in two operas, Carmina Burana and the Mikado. I performed in a few other miscellaneous performances but I never established a career in dance.  

So when Maia told me I needed to take jazz classes, I knew exactly what she meant. She was telling me I needed to get back to expressing the pure innocence of my childhood self.

Maia was 16 years old when she died, so she accumulated a lot of life experience as a cat. She could see that part of me in my subtle energy fields that related to jazz dance.

Do I need to take a jazz class to live from my heart? 

Not really. As long as I understand the message it’s giving me.

The second thing she told me was about a man in San Diego that could make me rich. She couldn’t tell me his name but she said he could help me with my business and make a lot of money.

Well, that was very exciting to hear. I didn’t know who she was referring to right away but later I figured out who she was talking about.

Her person is a big fan of the spiritual coach, Lee Harris. Lee was scheduled to come to Portland to host a 3 day event featuring different spiritual healers, and facilitators.

Her person mentioned it to me several times, encouraging me to attend.

Lee grew his small part-time business of performing intuitive readings out of his home in England into a multimedia world-wide event company. Lee Harris charges $1000 for a 70 minute session.

Maia overheard her person speaking about Lee Harris. She was able to see from her person’s energy fields information about Lee that she thought would help me become a more financially successful spiritual teacher.

Because Lee is rich and helps others create successful businesses, Maia deduced that Lee could help me become rich.

I've had cats tell me their people should be having more sex because that is when the cat remembers them being the happiest. One cat told me what their person loved the most to do was have sex and write.

His person later confirmed he was right.

Every animal has their own personal view on life, their people and themselves. They accrue wisdom from their life experiences just like humans.

They give advice on many areas of one’s life, even on how to become rich.

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