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Land of Rainbows

Land of Rainbows


Newport is a popular destination on the Oregon coast. One of the big attractions is its aquarium. I have never been to its aquarium but I have talked to some of the seals that hang out on the docks along the pier.

I was visiting for the day from Portland with a couple of friends. We went to visit the seals and see if they were willing to talk to me. I am an interspecies communicator. I can converse with any form of nature be it a rose, giraffe, rock, star or the sky.

The seals were all heaped into a pile on the floating pier sunning themselves. Some were practicing their back bending like masterful yogis, and another group were squabbling among themselves before settling down to power nap.

This would be my first conversation with seals. When speaking to wild animals, sometimes I will speak to the mind or soul of the group even though I hear one voice in my mind telepathically. The message is conveyed on behalf of the group. 

Let me preface that earlier that morning before speaking with the seals, I kept seeing the hint a of rainbow peeking out behind the coastal clouds as if it would explode into color at any moment.

I started talking to the seals. To my delight, the seals were very eager to share why they chose Newport as one of their regular pit stops on their aquatic path. In a sweet, wistful voice, I heard they liked Newport because of its many rainbows.

They also spoke of how wonderful it was to have a seal body, gliding through the water effortlessly, made for such playful ease and grace.

My friend was curious why they were fighting earlier so I asked the seal. He said two males were fighting over a female they both mated with. 

Afterwards, my friends and I made our way to the beach. Shortly into our walk, the clouds cleared and lo and behold , shining before us was a full rainbow.


The King of Zen

The King of Zen