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Land of Rainbows

Newport is a popular destination on the Oregon coast. One of its big attractions is the aquarium. I’ve never been to the aquarium but I did speak to some of the seals that hang out on the docks along the pier.

The weather in February along the Oregon coast is capricious. We call it the ‘coast’ not the ‘beach' for a reason. It’s referred to the ‘beach’ only in summertime. Often the sky vacillates between appearing as vast smear of grey overcast to the usual unexpected cloud breaks anytime day or night. If your weather app reports 53 degrees that day, it will feel like 43 as the soggy air penetrates your bone marrow.

That morning, on the way to the docks, I glimpsed hints of rainbows threatening to burst through the clouds but ended up more like a sneeze that builds but never comes.

With a couple of friends from Portland, we went to watch the seals and see if they were willing to talk to me. I am an interspecies communicator. I communicate with any form of nature be it a rose, giraffe, rock, star or the sky.

Napping on the floating pier, heaped into piles , seals were sunning themselves as much as one could under grey skies. Some were back bending like yoga masters while another group squabbled among themselves before settling down to power nap.

This would be my first conversation with seals. When speaking to wild animals, I speak to the mind or soul of the group even though I hear one voice telepathically. The message is conveyed on behalf of the group. The sound and character of the voices vary depending on how the frequencies of their essence are translated through my filters into a recognizable presence.

Reaching out to connect to the seals, I asked them why they chose Newport as one of their regular destinations. In a sweet, wistful voice, I heard they liked Newport because of its many rainbows.

They also shared how wonderful it was to have a seal body, gliding through the water effortlessly, made for such playful ease and grace.

One friend was curious why they were fighting earlier so I asked the seal. He said two males were fighting over a female they both mated with. Whether for romantic reasons or instinctual, I didn’t ask. I thanked the seals for sharing and we headed to the beach.

Shortly into our walk, the clouds cleared and lo and behold , shining before us was a full rainbow.


The King of Zen

The King of Zen