In this video, I talk about my 3 class intro series called How to Talk to Anything and Get Answers.

This series helps you develop your natural intuitive abilities for divine communication and self healing.You will gain clarity and build self trust so you can feel comfortable practicing your on your own. To check out my Youtube video about this class click here.

To register for this class click here.


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Looking for an easy to use tool that will help you gain insight into an issue you have been wrestling with?

This audio is such a tool. The sound healing is called the Owl Song because owls have excellent night vision and are masters at navigating through the darkness.

This recording helps you see what is right under the surface of your awareness. It assists you to notice what is needed to help you solve the issue at hand by creating new brain pathways to see new possibilities of understanding. It also calms the endocrine system bringing more peace to the body.

I hope you enjoy it !

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Many of my friends and clients have asked me how to communicate with their animal companions in ways when they aren't able to intuitively hear them. Well this post is for you ! In this audio clip,  I cover 3 basic ways you can use to improve the communication between you and your animal friends. Check it out here !

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Thank you to Vittoria Palazza and Todd Williamson from OmBase Yoga in Portland OR for inviting me to offer a sound healing segment for their New Year's Eve meditation. 
We used sound to release 2017 and welcome in the New Year.

I come in about 39:13 in this audio recording.

Feel free to sound along for the first half and lay down to soak up the vibes for the second. 
It was my first opportunity to use my new deerskin rattle in a healing session.

Hope you enjoy it !


Here is the debut release of my first sonic transmission, or sound healing track as a free download.

This song helps one to revive what seemingly has been lost or where one has given up hope in their life. 
The sound frequencies stimulate the expression of what is dormant or suppressed within to help release the illusions that cause despair and disconnection to one’s own fullness. 
It awakens aspects of one’s self that are ready for rejuvenation like water in the desert.

Listening before bed, while in the bathtub, driving around, or meditating are all great applications for this music. 
The more you listen the more the sound frequencies work on your subconscious mind and emotional body.

I hope you enjoy it !!!

Download it here.

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In this interview with myself and Jessica Williams from the Superwoman Project, we touch on many topics including cultivating joy, living artfully, experiencing magic, inviting the help of alternative realities and co-creating your reality with the divine.

Check it out.