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What My Mother Taught Me
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My mother was my first spiritual teacher. As a child, she recognized her natural-born gifts of seeing things others couldn’t as well as knowing things no one told her. 

Her specialty was telepathic and empathic communication. What she called  “seeing and hearing”. 

Telepathic communication is communicating via thoughts be they words or images. Clairvoyance (seeing images) and clairaudience (hearing words or thoughts) are considered forms of telepathic communication.

Empathic communication is receiving or experiencing feelings or emotions not your own. It includes feeling or manifesting another’s physical pain or health issues such as heart pain in your chest from a loved one having heart problems.

As an adult, my mother taught herself metaphysics, the study and practice of what affects the micro level as it translates to the macro level and vice versa. 

As Above So Below. But as the Seer Almine says,” As Below So Above.” Creating one’s reality and the greater shared reality by changing ourselves.

How you feel, live or create affects the Earth in subtle ways. As humans, we are well aware of our negative impact on the planet on a physical level. But few are aware of how feelings and beliefs play a crucial role in helping the planet to heal.

What you feel, Mother Earth feels. What you think can either nourish or destroy Her. Developing your subtle senses helps to perceive nature as the living sentient being She is.

Having a mother who saw spirits, talked to aliens and felt earthquakes erupting in other countries made speaking to the Divine natural.

It's common to doubt yourself when you are first developing your intuitive gifts. Social conditioning has convinced the masses that the power of the mind is all-pervading and dictates what is perceptible.

People fear if something comes to them easily then it must be their imagination. This is a result of social programming.

One of the first lessons my mother taught me about practicing clairvoyance was to trust what you see no matter how easily it comes to you. 

She instructed me to look at what I was seeing with my inner sight three times to determine whether it was my imagination or not. If it stayed the same each time, then it was not my imagination.

With clairvoyance, an image coming to you may evolve but doesn't change. Meaning you may ask a question and see a blue elephant as the answer. Then the elephant may start to walk into a shopping mall.

That is different than asking the same question three times and receive three different answers. Trust what you perceive and it will help you gain insight from what comes.

Once I was visited by a giant. It was 4:30 am and I was ending my shift for the night working as an intuitive reader on a psychic line years ago. I worked the night shift because it was peaceful and offered me a more diverse international clientele. 

I was ending a call and suddenly my house shook followed by a sound like a train crash.

I jumped, turned to look and there was a male giant standing in my hallway. Following his arrival, the house shook again. It was earthquake hitting the Bay Area. 

I shrugged off seeing him, telling myself it was just an earthquake. Later, when telling a friend what happened, she corrected me saying that actually that was giant in my house. He had stomped his foot to get my attention. 

Up to that point, I carried a belief that I “didn’t see those types of beings”-what we would call magical beings or creatures from myth like unicorns, fairies or giants. The majority of divine beings I met were predominately spirits, ghosts, ancient gods and goddesses.

Beliefs are illusions. 

They grow from warped moments that create misperceptions that form our reality. 

The presence of the giant shattered any validity of that belief being true. And clearly, there was a purpose in me seeing such a being at that time in my life. 

Whether speaking to giants, your cat, feeling your mother’s pain or seeing angels, it’s your belief coupled with purpose that determines how your innate gifts of telepathy or empathy of the subtle realms are experienced. 

Seeing angels isn’t necessarily a sign of higher consciousness. Yet it can happen if it is in alignment with Infinite Intent.

The Infinite is the One Eternal Being expressing as the many. Oneness expressing life through an infinite number of forms. All That Is. 

All life. Everywhere. Eternally. You.

Embrace what you see, hear and feel beyond your belief systems and give yourself the opportunity to encounter the magic of life behind the appearances. There is beauty and purpose within it.

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