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The Bee Queen

The Bee Queen

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Sara Mapelli dances with honey bees. About 12,000 of them to be exact.

She is much like a bee herself, a whirlwind of positivity, creativity, industriousness and spirit captured in a wisp of a body. 

Sara is known on the world wide web as” the Bee Queen” and one of her bee dances was featured in the documentary film called Queen of the Sun, about the bee epidemic colony collapse disorder and the dependency of humans on bees for pollination.

She considers herself an artist, activist, healer, bee-tender and dancer.
I have had the great pleasure of calling Sara “Tink” Mapelli my friend for over 18 years. 

Sara and her partner Theodore have been tending bees on and off since 2000.

Spraying your garden or your lawn with pesticides is disastrous to bees and other pollinators.

“It’s been a challenge” Sara says, between the harsh Columbia Gorge winters, neighbors and the county spraying chemicals on land nearby, and the occurrence of mites.
She says, “As a rule of thumb, the foraging area around a beehive extends for two miles, although bees have been observed foraging two to three times that distance as well.”

One client describes receiving her energy work as “ close to a magic carpet ride on the world of vibration.”

Sara also practices energy healing work in Portland Oregon. She calls it  “Transparent Body Energy Realignment” and it addresses an individual's ability to heal by re-synchronizing the body’s electrical energy system. 

She currently assists clients with unresolved injury trauma, post and pre surgery care, HIV support, fractures, immune support, cancer support, Lyme’s disease, Crohn’s disease and many other health concerns.

Even though Sara has been performing energy healing for the last twenty-nine years, it is only recently she merged her passion for dancing with bees with her healing work.
This new venture she refers to as “energy healing rings”. These are small group healing experiences where individuals come to receive healing from the collaboration of Sara and the bees up close. It is extremely intimate.

Sara wears a “blouse” of bees- a hive of 10-12,000 bees, creating what she describes as a meditative atmosphere of movement, energy, and sound. 

Overcoming your fear of nature you’ve had since childhood.

Sara says,” For me, wearing the bees, is about communing with another species. I have talked to so many people about fear and bees, and they tell me how they were chased when they were kids. 

Because they see me wearing the bees, I think they realize you can not be afraid of nature.” To see her in action, click here:

“There is a caring essence along with a practicality that emanates from the hive”.

I’ve had the exquisite pleasure of encountering a bee dance with Sara Mapelli two times, and both times I found the bees’ healing presence  emotionally intimate, incredibly elegant and generous.

The love the bees radiated was overwhelming.

I bawled my eyes out as the bees whizzed around my head, face and crawled near my ears. So much stifled emotion erupted from me as the bees worked on much needed parts of myself. 

Sara’s next bee dance energy healing ring will be offered this September. Click here for details.

If that wasn’t enough to wow the pants off you, Sara and her partner Theodore Holt have also expanded their creative efforts south of the border to Guanajuato Mexico where they built a gorgeous and magical 3 story Air BnB retreat called the Golden Bee. 

Sara and I are both healers, but as all stars in the sky are unique so differs our avenues of healing.

As an interspecies communicator and healer, I regularly experience the power of innocence from the natural world. Bees, like all forms of nature operate from innocence.

Their innocence is a great source of healing, one humanity so desperately needs right now.

Sara Mapelli says she doesn’t want to personify the bee world but instead “help bee-ify the person world”. “ I feel that maybe it’s just an offering of understanding from my core self to try and live with that intention,” says the Bee Queen.

Me too, Sara, me too.

For more about my dear, fabulous friend Sara Mapelli, please click here.

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