Mahzza and the Snake


My friend Mahzza was a spiritual thrill seeker. He traveled all over the world, spending many months in Bolivia and Peru participating in numerous ayahuasca ceremonies. Whatever he did, he did it with every cell of his beating heart and soul. His hunger for life was robust, and adventurous. Mahzza liked to tango with chaos. 

Here is a story from one of Mahzza’s trips to Thailand.

Let me backup for a moment. When going to a southeastern Asian country like Thailand, it’s a pretty good idea to adhere to some basic safety measures. For instance, to protect yourself against dengue fever, wear TONS of mosquito repellent. If you are afraid of getting food poisoning, bring some activated charcoal. Maybe bring enough sunblock if you plan to spend all 10 days of your trip on the beach.

Pack some common sense along with that bathing suit.

And…well... DON”T HANG OUT IN THE JUNGLE, STRAY FROM THE PATH LOOKING FOR A CAVE TO MEDITATE IN. Right? My friend Mahzza did exactly that. He went hunting in the jungle for a place to meditate. And he stumbled upon a small cave.  

Remember when I said ‘he liked to tango with chaos’ ?

The cave was small but big enough for him to sit down cross legged in yet too dark to see its size in entirety. That didn’t seem to matter to him because he entered the cave, found a place to sit, plopped himself down ready to meditate.

Suddenly he heard he wasn’t alone in the cave.

He looked behind him into the darkness and saw a GINORMOUS SNAKE in the cave with him. (You know the ones that don’t bite but instead squeeze you to death and swallow you whole) ?

And it was slithering towards him.

Instantly, Mahzza had this brilliant idea. Like an arrow shooting towards its bullseye, he said to the snake, in his mind, “NOT FOOD”. The snake paused abruptly, then slowly turned around to retreat back into the darkness of the cave.

Speaking to animals telepathically (in your mind) does work. Whether they are domesticated or wild, they can all hear and understand you.

If Mahazza was vibrating or putting out fearful energy, like prey, then most likely it would have confirmed what the snake thought, that he was prey and the snake would have probably attacked him if Mahazza didn’t escape in time. He placed himself in the snakes’ den and it is completely expected that the snake would see Mahzza’s presence as room service.

Yet due to Mahzza’s calmness, and clarity, the snake got the message.

If you are someone who is passionate about hiking or camping in the remote wilderness, off the beaten path where you may encounter bears, mountain lions, snakes or any other predators, here is a tip you can try before you venture outward bound.

  • At the onset of entering the wildness area or the ocean , open your heart and center yourself.
  • Focus on the love and appreciation you have for this area in nature, for all the plant life, animals, open space, peace and beauty.
  • Imagine this love and appreciation spreading out like a warm, cozy blanket across the wilderness.
  • Introduce yourself by sending out images of yourself like waves to all the life that inhabits this space.

Let them know you're coming and that you come in love.

**If you wish to see or experience a close encounter with an animal, cast your intention out like a fishing rod. Release any attachment to the outcome. Accompany the request with love and appreciation .You may find yourself fortunate enough to experience a rare moment with a special guest.

I would love to hear from you.

Do you have an wild animal experience you would love to share?

Please share what tips you resonated with the most in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and being part of why I do what I do. Blessings and Love.