Healing Shades of Self- Destructiveness

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I didn’t realize how self-destructive I was. 

I ate organic whole foods, drank filtered water and exercised.
I detoxed my body regularly and consulted naturopathic doctors for serious medical issues. The only harmful substance I used was processed sugar.

I cut ties with toxic people in my life while surrounding myself with kind, loving ones. 
I sought avenues to express my heart’s desires, relieve stress, manifest my dreams, and connect with nature.

I meditated ALOT, shared my love with the world and dedicated my life for the last 26 years to become a spiritual master.

How in the name of all things holy could I have possibly been self-destructive?

Over time, I wrestled with cultivating my spiritual mastery without demanding too much of myself. As the daughter of a single mother with no family support or a partner of my own, I did my best to provide for myself even though I struggled financially.

Years of over-giving, overworking, and feeling powerless spawned tenacious seeds of bitterness within me.

Loving myself wasn’t enough. Bitterness arose, leading to self-destructive thoughts that prevented the Universe to love and support me in ways I knew were available. (Bitterness, a nasty creature born of massive disappointment, distorted beliefs, unmet dreams, and feelings of aloneness).

There are many shades of self-destructiveness.

One of the definitions of destructive means “tending to refute or disparage; negative and unhelpful.” Though I wasn’t shooting heroin in my veins, it still didn’t mean I wasn’t unconsciously self-destructive. 

Beliefs are like vaccinations; their intentions are good but often have hidden destructive results.

Society, culture and the world contributed their fair share of beliefs to my critical tendencies but the beliefs generated by chronic disappointment felt insurmountable.

It didn’t seem to matter how enlightened I became, I couldn’t establish a home and sustain a material life for myself.

I conversed with trees, the wind, angels, dragons and my dead mother but I couldn’t earn enough income to pay my phone bill each month. I continued to feel ashamed of my inability to heal this.

Unable to heal chronic patterns doesn’t mean you're a failure.

Your eternal self is a gorgeous vast puzzle of beauty, mystery, and song unfolding to the rhythm of a divine drum. It is easy to misinterpret the meaning of the events in our life if we resist or judge them.

Poetry is part of our being but if you can't see it within the conflicts of your life these struggles become monstrous and unfathomable.

Imagine what it would feel like to accept yourself and your world the way it is-to cease fighting it and allow something miraculous to happen.

Previously what felt unacceptable and uncontrollable, is now seen as temporary and clear in its purpose. The battle transforms into a lesson, gift, and understanding leading to peace, grace, and self-forgiveness. 
This is the gift of Belvaspata.

Belvaspata is powerful healing modality that means “Healing of the Heart”. 
It assists to reveal the poetry or perfection to patterns of self-destructiveness. 
This angelic approach gracefully restores insight to your blind spots producing peace where needed so change can occur smoothly.
Belvaspata brought forth by the seer Almine

Give yourself the gift of peace and lightness in your life. 
Join me in experiencing this profound healing opportunity.

Belvaspata : Healing for Self Destructiveness

When: June 2nd 12:30-1:45 pm
Location: OmBase, 6357 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland OR
Price : $35
Space is limited. 

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