Self-Love Requires Self-Knowledge

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“We cannot appreciate what we don’t know” -The Seer Almine

One recent Sunday morning, I was walking my housemate’s dogs.
Right before we left the driveway, I flashed on something a dog client had once said to me about another dog she lived with, (yes, I said dog client and yes, I did say ‘she said’-I am an animal communicator). This dog said that the dog she lived with, “doesn’t know who she is” as in she didn’t know herself and therefore was not very empowered.
That statement had made quite an impression on me. It seemed so wise for such a young dog. Little did I know how much of a premonition that statement was to be for me that morning.

We set out on our usual walk and as soon as we turned the corner, I noticed there was a strange couple rummaging through my neighbor's recycling bins. Another neighbor was watching them and when she saw me said, “I would walk on the other side of the street, they’re crazy.” 
I followed her recommendation, and we walked across the street continuing on our way. On our way back home, the couple was still there but now they were wrapping themselves up like a tootsie pop in what looked like a bunch of stolen Seattle Seahawks t-shirts. 

Check in with your intuitive perception to access the message behind the appearance.

When those out of the ordinary situations develop in my immediate environment, or something occurs leaving a distinct impression on me, I usually do a check in with myself about the message the situation may have . I waited until we got home when I could center myself in order to tune into the situation.

Relax, quiet your mind, open your heart, tune into your body and ask.

I visualized the scene that just occurred. I opened my heart, dropped my attention into the cells of my body to gain the insight the situation held. I recognized the couple I had just witnessed were presumably street people, probably homeless. Since they were stealing that meant they felt dis-empowered and unable to provide for themselves. 

They embodied some aspects of myself I needed to address.

I knew the couple represented some parts of myself that required some healing and since I just encountered them, it also meant that something in me related to abundance needed to be addressed.
Immediately, I was reminded of the memory of what my dog client said about the dog she lived with and the same was true for this couple- they didn’t know who they were.
So that meant were parts of myself that don’t know who they were (not surprising since I have been challenged greatly by manifesting and sustaining financial abundance in my life).

When we don’t know who we are, we behave in ways that are not in alignment with our true self.

For example, we take responsibility for things that are not ours to do, are susceptible to social programming, allow others to influence us more than is healthy, or aren’t in touch with our passions. The list goes on.

We lack self-knowledge. 

And if we lack self-knowledge then, we definitely lack self-love because you cannot truly love yourself if you don’t know yourself.
In this case, the couple represented aspects of myself disconnected from my abundance.

In order to be abundant one must express abundance.

And if you don’t know who you are, that you are a divine being, connected to all of existence then you wouldn’t know that you were by your very nature abundance itself. And you wouldn’t know how to express your true nature.
And you wouldn’t know how crucial expressing your true nature is to living abundantly.

Self-Knowledge = Self-Love =Self Expression =Abundance.

Check in with yourself when you notice yourself feeling run down, uninspired by life or not manifesting abundantly and ask yourself some questions:

  • What makes your heart sing? 
  • How much are you expressing your innate talents and passions? 
  • What aspects of yourself do you find unacceptable and therefore suppress their expression?
  • Are you aware of how you truly feel and are you authentically expressing those feelings? 
  • Are you creating your reality from innocence or limited belief systems? Be they social, cultural or familial.

This is a great start in gaining more self-knowledge and self-love by expressing who you truly are and the abundance of your divine self.

I would love to hear from you.

What aspect of this story gave you insight into yourself and why?

Please share what questions you resonated with the most in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and being part of why I do what I do. Blessings and Love.