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Want More Magic In Your Life? BYOM

Want More Magic In Your Life? BYOM

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When I was 20 years old, I dreamt I was standing on a cliff on the island of Oahu in Hawaii looking out at the ocean.

At this point in my life, my ultimate fantasy was to live at least six months of the year on a tropical island. Due to my financial situation, living in Hawaii felt as possible for me as being able to levitate.

Seven years later, by a generous miracle from a yoga student of mine who donated her frequent flyer miles to fulfilling my unrequited dream, I arranged to visit Maui and the Big Island before settling in Oahu.

This was a huge leap of faith for me, the BIGGEST STEP EVER to realizing a fantasy I considered only available to the wealthy. This was the first time I had ever left mainland America.

Two days before I left Oahu, I came upon the place in my dream where I was looking out at the ocean. I felt I had somehow arrived.

I was HOME.
Yet after five weeks in Hawaii, I couldn’t find a job, or a place to live. I felt confused, heartbroken and penniless.
I ended up calling a friend collect to buy me a return ticket back to Seattle.

I was SOOOOOOO in love with Hawaii! Her lush green hills, the Kamehameha butterflies and rainbows. Her bright azure skies and blazing sunsets captured my soul. I promised the ocean at Waikiki Beach I would return to Hawaii. And in one year’s time I did.

This is how I did it. 

When I returned, I vowed to woo the heck out of Hawaii. I would relentlessly pursue Hawaii like the love of my life. Like Romeo and Juliet.
Do or die.

At night before I fell asleep, I would send Hawaii love and gratitude and set my intention to manifest it in my dreams.

I would see myself there, hear the ocean waves crashing, feeling the wind caress my skin, the smell of gardenias filling the air, and the roosters crowing at dawn, (was much easier for me now since it was no longer categorized under “IMPOSSIBLE”).

Imagining myself playing in the ocean, swimming with turtles, joy, joy, joy was the name of the game.

I continued to love up Hawaii throughout the year. I started to concentrate on what I would consciously contribute to the community, how I wanted to connect with the Hawaiian people and performed shamanic journeys to the islands to investigate the soul-pull it had on me.

Even though I was pretty in love with Pele and the Big Island, I chose to move to Maui because my spiritual brother moved there with his husband six months before me and because it made the most sense.

I became overwhelmed within my first week on Maui. 

Everything on Maui was wilder and more powerful than I had remembered. 
Its presence rushed towards me like waves crashing against the shore.

The sounds were louder, the wind stronger, and the pulse of the land buzzed. It was much more RAW and VOLCANIC than the mainland US.
Then it finally dawned on me that I had created this

I had spent all year romancing Hawaii and now Hawaii was welcoming me back. With wide open arms.

And a whole lotta’ aloha. Mahalo!

Even though these principles of manifestation are well known, very few actually consider applying these to the natural world. 

I focus on cultivating my relationships with nature on a regular basis  - particular landscapes, water, a forest or a neighborhood park. You can as well.

Apply these concepts to anything you wish to have a more magical relationship to, for example, a new creative project, a job, new relationship, a vacation, or new home.

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