Animal Communication/Healing



I assist animals to heal past traumas as well as any unresolved issues their caregivers may have that the animal has taken on due to the animal’s empathic bond to the ones they live with.

These issues may go unrecognized as belonging to their caregivers and instead may manifest as illness, injury or abnormal behavioral patterns.

I act as an advocate for your animal companion to help convey their needs or desires as well as a mediator for the well being of your relationship. This service also includes energy healing if needed.

My work helps humans and animals to :

  • Heal physical health issues that the animal may or may not be sharing with their person

  • Correct dysfunctional behavior

  • Resolve inter-animal conflicts

  • Overcome past trauma

  • Support graceful transitions such as death and dying.

  • Illuminate the greater spiritual purpose behind your relationship with your animal companions.

  • Assist both humans and animals to enjoy more clarity, well being and peace in their relationships with each other.

Basic Animal Communication session is 30 minutes spent connecting with the animal prior, followed by 30 minute phone call with the client. 

Fee : $75

  • Includes up to 2-3 animals per session depending on the specificity of the questions.

  • Recording of the follow up phone call. 

For animal healing sessions, I prefer to connect by phone or email with the client to determine the right healing approach for the animal.

Healing sessions may include :

  • Kriyavaspata, an angelic healing modality brought forth by the seer Almine.

  • Multiple sessions including counseling to assist the animal to remember its natural state of wholeness.

***Payment is required prior to date of scheduled session. I accept Paypal or Venmo.

My Paypal address is

Here is an audio of 3 tips you can apply for better communication with your animal companion. Click here.


I had been wondering how my cat Frank felt about certain areas of his, and my life. I wondered how he would feel about bringing another cat into our home.

I wondered why he did certain things, like why he showed aggression without warning. 
I had a couple sessions with Tallulah both when Frank was present, and when he was not, and she was able to shed so much light on his personality and feelings.

Her accuracy actually shocked me to tears. We adopted a kitten, who he loves, and know some key desires of his, like that he yearns to be outside (we live in an apartment).

 There is so much more to our animal companions beyond just regular veterinary care.

Tallulah has a talent for communicating with animals that gives so much insight into their feelings and behaviors.                                                                                                                                                    - Ariel Andersen, counselor

 Tallulah worked personally with my and my partner's animal family, and the experience was nothing short of miraculous.

Her ability to empathically tap into animals, and the dynamics between them and their people, is among the most highly attuned I've experienced. 

She spent almost three hours with me, my partner, our two potbellied pigs, and our cat, unearthing opportunities for healing and growth for all of us.

Her insight, wisdom, compassion, and keen intuitive abilities helped turn my relationship around with one of our pigs in particular, and the healing work she did with Billie (our pig) is still rippling through the family dynamics.

 I am profoundly grateful to her for opening us all up and for giving us the space to truly "talk" to one another.

 This has been a life changing experience for all of us, and I highly recommend her for all of your questions and concerns. 
She is a true gift!                                                                                                                          -Anna Kaehler, writer