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"Angels are the placeholders of missed information and unlived emotions, or qualities that haven’t been “brought online” yet.

-The seer Almine

Much of my exposure and study of the angelic realms derives from the teachings of the seer and mystic Almine.

She teaches advanced metaphysics, the practice of revealing the vastness of the Cosmos by studying ourselves and by studying ourselves the Cosmos is revealed.

Her work heavily utilizes angels in the arts of alchemy, magic, and healing.

If there ever was an expert in angels from a metaphysical point of view, she’s it.

Below are excerpts from an interview she gave many years ago on Blogtalk Radio about the nature and origins of angels.

In the interview, Almine expounds on the finer details of angels and their purposes.

To listen to the full interview, click here.


What are Angels ?

“Originally, through time, angels have been the ‘capacitors’ of the Infinite, working with the storage and discharge of light.

For example, the capacitor can be viewed as a jug being filled with tap water and used for watering a potted plant.

The jug’s job is to receive, store and redirect where the water needs to go, in the same way, angels receive, store and redirect light”, says the Seer.

Angels aren’t “airy, fairy, ” beings who pop in and out of your life like Santa’s little helpers nor are the angels in the Bible or the Tree of Life the same angels in existence today.

According to Almine, “angels get replaced, their names change due to their functions, and attitudes associated with their functions.”

What do Angels do?

They help you express specific principles needed to produce an intended reality as according to Infinite Intent.

Almine refers to angels as ” the placeholders of missed information and unlived emotions, or qualities that haven’t been “brought online” yet.”

Whatever insights you missed along the way, the missing of them cast a shadow on your life. The shadow represents distorted perceptions and emotions.

These distortions generate karma.

By working with angels, you gain the necessary insights to dissolve the illusions that create belief systems, world-views, and dis-ease.

Currently, the overall group function of angels is to bring fluid change to life in the Cosmos. They don’t just aid humans, but all life everywhere.

Different Types of Angels

Some angels embody light; defined as accessed information, are masculine and relate to the realm of life and the physical body, also known as the present.

Other angels embody frequency; defined by feelings, and emotions, are feminine and relate to the realm of dreams, death, and the soul, also known as the past.

(Masculine and Feminine are terms referring not to gender but to archetypal qualities of existence.)

Regular angels have more intimate jobs like being a Guardian Angel or helping someone heal their liver.

Angel Gods, the most powerful angels in creation, are responsible for enormous tasks like overseeing planets, governing large groups of life forms or ushering in particular changes in consciousness.

“The Angel Gods, which represent the nervous system in the body, have long been suppressed and dominated by the Dragon, or mind – inhibiting our access to that which mind cannot see, “ says the Seer Almine.

(Almine is not referring to the entire Dragon race here, but a specific Red Dragon from eons past.)

“As we set the captured angels free by living the principles of godhood, we awaken the currently suppressed areas of our nervous system, enabling us to see inter-dimensionally, closing the gap between cause & effect and living the magical life.

In humanity lies the tendency to intellectualize and attempt to place life into boxes and categories so our limited intellects can grasp it.

This desire to control the unknown by trying to force it into the static compartments of the known has to be set aside if we wish to explore the beauty and grace of the angels.”

How You Connect With Angels

Well, like truth, it is unique to each person in how they connect with angels.

Start with the intention to communicate with them in a way you can understand.

Ask the angels to help you to see what you need to in order to gain the insight necessary to help heal a particular situation or manifest something in your life.

Be present enough with yourself and your life to recognize