I assist you with developing your intuitive abilities, magical understanding, 
and connection to the planet while healing the environment
by creating your own Heaven on Earth–

changing your environment by changing yourself.




When I was about 8 years old, I heard a spirit in my home. This experience
initiated me into the world of non-physical life where upon my mother became my first spiritual teacher. At 19, I completed my first vision quest and proceeded to complete 3 more by the time I was 25.



Magic is the use of intent to create a reality. It is also shrinking the gap between cause and effect. You will learn the art of magic and discover the secrets of changing your environment by changing yourself while living in harmony with the Earth.



In 2005 I found the seer and mystic, Almine. In her and her teachings I found my home. It is with deep gratitude that I share this perspective and the fruits of my own rich experiences with you.  Hear what clients are saying...

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This song helps one to revive what seemingly has been lost or where one has given up hope in their life. 

The sound frequencies stimulate the expression of what is dormant or suppressed within to help release the illusions that cause despair and disconnection to one’s own fullness. 

It awakens aspects of one’s self that are ready for rejuvenation like water in the desert.

Listening before bed, while in the bathtub, driving, riding around or meditating are all great applications for this music. 

The more you listen the more the sound frequencies work on your subconscious mind and emotional body.

You can liisten to this as much as you desire.  

You can download it here.